If I hear another pundit in the media, including Anderson Cooper or Chris Cuomo criticize Nancy Pelosi again, I am going to gag.

Nancy Pelosi is the favorite punching bag of the lunatic fringe and they think that if their propaganda machine keeps hammering away at this frail, tenacious woman, they will make Trump score the political points he craves to sustain his fragile ego.

This is therefore a warning to every single journalist and every single pundit who equivocates, for the purpose of giving republicans yet another, repulsive talking point. Enough is enough.

President Donald Trump and his Republican clowns own this government shutdown, lock, stock, and barrel and anybody who suggests otherwise is delusional.

And in the final analysis, those who blaim Nancy Pelosi for refusing to be blackmailed by Donald Trump are rather perverse, don't you think?

Nancy Pelosi should be applauded, not criticized for doing what she was hired to do -and that is to hold President Donald Trump accountable.


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Nixon was in Dallas on November 22nd 1963.










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