Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) is suing Twitter.

More specifically, Nunes is suing Twitter, a Republican strategist, and two parody Twitter accounts, one purporting to be Nunes’s mother, the other purporting to be Nunes’s cow. (The account is @Devincow).

According to Susan Hennessey, a legal scholar at the Brookings Institute, the suit “is a politician attempting to abuse the judicial process in order to scare people out of criticizing him by proving that he can cost them a lot in legal fees.”

It looks like people are not as easy to scare as Nunes thought. Keep standing up and keep spreading the cow jokes, Devin Nunes has delivered so much bull over the years, it is no wonder that twitter is "overflowing" because the tweets that bother Devin Nunes are spreading like wildfire.

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