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J anuary, 14, 2019 – William Barr, Trump's nomination to be the next attorney general of the United States, is not fit for office because he has a long history of Abusing Civil Rights and Liberties in the Name of ‘National Security’.

It is consequently no surprise that William Barr's middle name should be obstruction of justice.

Throughout his time in office, President Trump has used “national security” as a pretext to justify discriminatory or otherwise illegal policies, and that is Barr's specialty.

Imagine the latest fiasco; Trump manufactures a national crisis and seeks to claim dictatorial power because Trump claims that he is keeping Americans safe and anybody who disagrees with him is allegedly wrong.

Following the 1988 Lockerbie Bombings, Barr floated the idea of the president convening secret military tribunals to try people accused of involvement with suspected terrorist activities. Barr revived the idea of secret military trials after the 9/11 attacks and testified in support of President George W. Bush’s decision to order them without congressional authorization.

Barr told the Senate that the president has the power to order such trials as long as he cites “national defense” interests. Barr said that “no war need be declared for this power to come into being,” and that there is “no geographical limit” for the president to exercise such powers. Anyone declared a foreign adversary, he said, “is not entitled to constitutional protections.”

More recently, Barr’s belief that the president has virtually unchecked security powers is also seen in his defense of the first version of Trump’s Muslim ban.

Such beliefs are in keeping with his sweeping views of executive power. Indeed, Barr has said that “the real threat to domestic liberties is the artificial restriction of our powers of national defense by gratuitously expanding constitutional guarantees beyond their intended office.”

As Trump leads attacks on civil liberties and the rule of law, often by making false claims about national security, Barr's troubling record proves that he will merely rubber stamp the president's unlawful actions, and his proposed appointment is clearly, dead on arrival to anyone who acknowledges and respects the rule of law.

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